This is ME



Hi guys, my name is Melissa (duh) and welcome to my blog!

I have been an on again off again blogger for the past six years. My first three blogs were food based and I kept changing names and focuses around food. My last blog was also focused on food (again) but I managed to also incorporate shoes with a dash of travel.
I remember putting a lot of effort into that last blog but the summer of 2015 was filled with lots of new wonderful experiences as well as some challenging and heartbreaking ones too.

I have been itching to blog again for the past eight months, and after ignoring my calling many times I decided to suck it up and start all over again – from scratch.

This time, my blog won’t be too casual but it also wont be overly thought out and structured. At this point in my life I can finally say I feel very open and comfortable about who I am.

In this blog I will be dishing up some real life experiences, tips and advice in the hopes that it may help someone along their journey – whether it’s avoiding those speed bumps and red lights or just sailing through the green lights when they are there.



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