What Happens When The “Forever Single Girl” Ends Up In A Full Blown Relationship 

Hey guys, what a full blown title huh?

Well, prior to meeting my now husband on a thursday, dated all friday and got married on a Saturday I was that “forever single girl” and now I’ve landed in a full blown relationship.

I was a forever single girl because I never really played the field like most women do. Id meet a guy, if I liked him Id see him and again and if I didn’t, well – that’s that. I never had the time nor the desire to go out with different guys over a period of time and then end up picking one.

What alot of people dont know is that many girls, boys, men and women out there are actually single even though their relationship status on social media says – “Taken” “In A Relationship” “Wifey” “Hubby” and or “Im Bae”.

What do I mean?

Well, I had three “serious” relationships before I met my husband and lets just say I see BIG differences with how my husband treats me versus all my exes – after all hindsight is 20/20.

So what happens when the forever single girl ends up in a full blown relationship? These are the three main things I have noticed so far…

  1. Adjusting from the ME, MY, MINE to WE, US, OUR.
    My poor husband had to correct me a lot initially when I was talking because he realized I wasn’t even aware of my default Me, My, Mine syndrome.
  2. Learning how to COMMUNICATE about everything.
    You are going to have to talk more about just how your day went – you are going to have to discuss plans, and check in with feelings from time to time.
    I have always done what I wanted, when I wanted all the time because, I never had to include anyone or keep them in the loop about anything. This was a huge adjustment. It’s not that I was asking for permission but it was rude not to run things by him. Also all major expenses need to be discussed.
  3. Leaving all preconceived thoughts at the door and adjust your EXPECTATIONS.
    Your views about relationships, marriage, how men/ women are is probably all skewed based on your past relationship experiences, what your friends say, social media…etc. The reality however, is very different.
    So leave all your preconceived notions at the door and gauge your expectations as you go along daily.


I’m a “newlywed” so I’m still figuring things out as I go along. I don’t know everything and I haven’t figured everything out yet either. But what I do know is relationships and marriages are work and everything takes time. And if you love your partner and they love you, they will be patient and they will do their part to help make it work too!


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